Cloud technology companies, universities etc. established and shared by large organizations. Using this technology reduces the burden on personal computers and a number of applications are provided by the cloud server. Generally, users do not want to download and install applications from their computer. All processing and storage are provided by the cloud system. All the applications, programs and data we host on the Internet on a virtual machine, the most commonly used in the cloud with the name of the device connected to the internet with each location can easily access this information, programs and data.

The steps of creating a new model have been taken by opening the way to be consumed in the place and time required by making IT services accessible to internet. This new model, known as the concept of the day in the informatics world, which is accelerated by the investments of giant technology companies such as Microsoft, Google and IBM, is called cloud computing. In other words, the answer of technological developments to the subject of complaints is now referred to as cloud computing. Therefore, it requires careful monitoring of developments in cloud computing as a model that will lead to significant changes in the presentation and infrastructure of information services.

Cloud Computing

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