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Google Adwords is a text-based ad model and is Google's Internet advertising program “Digital Marketing” Google. Google, the world's largest advertising network, earns 96% of its revenue through digital marketing. Having such a large network, Adwords is also an important advertising tool for the digital marketing industry. The main purpose of AdWords is to put the advertising model in the real world into the digital world.

In Cloud Bilişim we will help you get new customers and grow your sales network.We will ensure that you reach the right people at the right time your company / company.


AdSense is a Google service that enables your company / company to serve ads that are relevant to the content of the website. Your company / company's website can serve ads on web sites through AdSense, and you can generate revenue based on the impressions, clicks, and percentages of the ads they publish. Cloud will be digitally reviewing your company's membership and membership verification process on your company's website, creating ads, getting paid, checking banned AdSense accounts, and providing reports to your company / company.

What Is The Difference Between AdWords And AdSense?

We need to distinguish between Google Adsense and Google AdWords service. Both are used only for AdSense ad serving (generating content), while AdWords is used only for corporate companies or other advertisers.

Adwords Adsense

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