Monitoring Log and Monitoring Solutions

Log files are records of events and transactions occurring. Logs are actively used in many areas including software, operating systems and web servers.

The log Records all applications that are running regularly since the opening of the computer ,the error programs which run on your computer by keeping system files together with the dates ,records donatimsal stable devices indicating whether they worked.

Today, when the internet becomes indispensable for communication, we are here with cloud computing solutions to facilitate the planning of the steps to be taken to detect and correct possible errors while increasing security with solutions that you can easily follow in-house flows.

Monitoring is the word used to describe the situation within a system and to monitor the occurrence of changes. It is used for monitoring, monitoring and monitoring if it is in the world of webmaster and computer world.

Monitoring is called monitoring to track conversations about various sectors, brands, or individuals on sites in the digital world. Although monitoring is known as monitoring service, it also includes analysis and reporting.

With monitoring service, we can follow the conversations about the institution, people and sector closely and make various inferences on the insights that our target group has. We can see which channels our potential target audience uses (Twitter,Facebook,Instagram,forum sites,dictionaries,complaint sites...) and we can better understand what our target audience is doing, what it wants and what it needs.

With Instant Tracking, we can get a closer look at conversations in the digital world. We can see how the campaigns and activities of the brands have achieved their purpose by noticing the positive or negative user posts early. With this step, in case of possible crisis, the problem can be detected in the fastest way and the crisis can be prevented from growing.

Found web, forum, dictionary results, spam content is filtered by filtering. This is prevented by irrelevant conversations and content. In addition, actions such as CRM, Facebook, and Instagram take actions such as CRM.

Social media experts read and understand these results on the demands of the brand; processes such as labels, categories and emotion analysis. In addition, this information is shared with the brand by the expert who handles automatic information or data upon the request of the brand.

As a result, online monitoring and reporting are done through the system by 7/24 monitoring. According to the request of the brand, daily, weekly and monthly results are reported to the brand. In case of crisis, the brand is informed with instant reports and updates. In this way, the brand progresses faster and systematically and has the opportunity to predict the perception and possible crises of the brand.

Monitoring Log and Monitoring Solutions

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