Corporate Care Agreement Services

What is an Enterprise Maintenance Agreement?

You are a company owner or you work as a manager in a company. You have a large number of computers and IT products. Any errors and malfunctions that occur in your system have to call technical service and you are trying to find temporary workarounds for your problems.

This situation becomes very costly in a short time. The loss of work you experience during service periods is a separate cost.

Cloud Bilişim, enterprise maintenance agreement, customers, without removing the computer to offer on-site solutions.

In addition, the entire system of the contracted company is reviewed and possible errors are determined. This allows you to operate the system in the most efficient way without losing the job without noticing the error.

If I Make an Enterprise Maintenance Agreement, How much do I pay monthly?

  • ○ Number of servers,
  • ○ Number of computers,
  • ○ The number of printer-scanner and other devices,
  • ○ Computer configurations,
  • ○ Network number and structure,
  • ○ The prices of the maintenance agreement vary depending on the situation of your existing corporate and commercial software and customer demands. In order to determine a clear price, the system should be examined and reported by our staff.

Thus, depending on the capacity and workload of the company you will encounter much more economic costs.

Corporate Care Agreement Services

Corporate Care Agreement Services?

Computer, printer, scanner, barcode units, plotter and so on. All companies with two or more peripherals having problems on their computers, having urgent solution and not having time loss, may have the Enterprise Computer Maintenance Agreement.

What are the Advantages of Making an Enterprise Maintenance Agreement?

  • ○ Institutional Maintenance Contracted customers gain priority in our company. From the Phone, Messenger Remote Desktop Connection and On-Site Service, the method is the fastest way to solve the problem, and customer problems are resolved.
  • ○ Our customers don't lose jobs because their computers are broken.
  • ○ Devices that receive hardware failures are taken and devices are provided to provide a workaround. After the customer's computer is repaired as soon as possible, it will be replaced again.
  • ○ Backups of data are periodically collected. Therefore, they do not lose data.
  • ○ They are immediately informed of new technologies and areas that can be implemented within the company. Thus, IT infrastructure continues to operate continuously and efficiently.
  • ○ No additional costs other than hardware costs.
  • ○ Our customers do not waste their time searching for the information products required for their companies.
  • ○ Maintenance contracted customers need computer, printer, etc. hardware products are reviewed by our expert consultants. The most suitable product is provided at market prices and necessary setup is made and delivered to the address.
  • ○ In addition, the appropriate payment terms and special discounts are applied to each product they receive from our company.

How to Start an Enterprise Maintenance Agreement?

First of all, the demands are listened with a preliminary meeting, then our customer representatives, together with our technical staff, analyze the business and give a summary about the services that can be done. If requested, this summary is detailed and presented as a report. In the following process, a contract is prepared and if approved, a team according to the size of the company performs a collective work on the enterprise computers, the deficiencies are determined, the backups are taken, the problems are observed, and the first maintenance is done.
After the first maintenance, a technical report on the firm, deficiencies and what should be done is prepared and submitted to the management of the company.
As of this date, fast and on-site support is provided for all kinds of problems.

What type of services does the Corporate Care Agreement cover?

  • ○ Periodic maintenance once per month for all computers
  • ○ Virus, spy update and scan
  • ○ Automatic backup system (daily, weekly, monthly, manual and automatic)
  • ○ Ensuring data security
  • ○ Providing a replacement device in case a defective device cannot be repaired
  • ○ Server Installation and Technical Support Operations
  • ○ Windows 7 / Vista / XP Setup Technical Support Operations
  • ○ DNS Service on Static IP
  • ○ Microsoft Exchange Server Installation, Support, and Maintenance Operations
  • ○ Corporate E-Mail support services
  • ○ High Capacity Hosting, E-Mail Installation Services
  • ○ Network installation, testing and support operations
  • ○ Installation, training and support of commercial and sectoral programs
  • ○ For various IT projects that may be introduced during the Maintenance Agreement, support-suggestions will be provided by our expert staff in accordance with your request.
  • ○ Unlimited phone support
  • ○ Remote connection support
  • ○ Contracted Server, Hosting and Domain Tracking Services
  • ○ Free maintenance and repair of computer, notebook, printer, monitor, scanner, plotter and other peripheral products (Excluding Spare Parts)
  • ○ Consumable supplies-delivery-delivery services

You want your IT infrastructure to be under control and secure in the most economical way and if you are constantly looking for solutions to the problems you face, call us without wasting more time, work, and money.

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