Web Site Design and Applications

The progress of technology leads to great changes in people's lives. The technology that has been added to every day has led to the realization of almost every job of the people over the internet. As a result of reaching the desired location from the internet network, people have moved their business to the internet. This increase in interest in the Internet has increased the use of mobile devices in this direction. Mobile users who spend their time actively in shopping applications buy their products through such applications.

Web Design Processes;

  • ✓ Draft
  • ✓ Design
  • ✓ Revision
  • ✓ Broadcasting

Cloud Bilişim applies the following design processes step by step in its corporate website or e-commerce projects.

  • ○ Customer analysis
  • ○ Needs analysis
  • ○ Solution proposal projecting
  • ○ Projecting
  • ○ Offer and Approval
  • ○ Preparation and approval of draft design
  • ○ Creating the infrastructure and adapting the content
  • ○ Test
  • ○ Project training
  • ○ Test Approval
  • ○ Uploading and publishing the site

Most web site companies do not support your website and do not support you after receiving your payment or do not work exactly as solution-oriented. You may receive consultancy or technical support during the time your website is hosted on our servers.

Web Site Design and Applications

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