Network Management and Monitoring Solutions

Network Solutions – Local Area Network (Lan)

Computer networks that provide productivity and communication capabilities to enable organizations to succeed have become the most important elements. For growing businesses, organizations, and service providers, it is important to establish scalable networks that combine voice, image, data transfer and storage on a single, end-to-end smart network. All communications through a single infrastructure, reduced costs, increased productivity and efficiency, eliminate the complexity of the use of separate networks and provide a variety of advantages such as scalability. The data link layer provides reliable, reliable, and easy-to-understand information about the physical layer. Switch offers advanced multiple services and applications to eliminate the need for multiple networks and reduce costs. Cloud Bilişim, offering the industry's most comprehensive Switching Solutions 3Com, Allied Telesyn, Cisco Systems, HP, Nortel Networks, such as manufacturing companies and solution partnerships, all institutions and service providers meet the needs of the smallest to largest. Our solutions meet all campus needs from simple connectivity to high-end, multi-layer intelligent switching solutions.

In today's growing businesses, employees need to collaborate and communicate to be perfect in order to be productive. The correct LAN infrastructure enables employees to communicate quickly and securely. It is important to note that switching equipment supports wireless local area network, IP telephony, and real-time communication.

In network design, the general needs of institutions should be taken into consideration as well as the needs of individuals. Switches can be provided with a variety of application and management software solutions to facilitate network management.

  • 1. For Growing Businesses, Small Branch Offices
      ○ Connection with basic and smart services
      ○ To connect stacks directly to the router without a central switch
  • 2. Medium Enterprises – Branch Offices
      ○ High availability backbone with IP routing and intelligent services
      ○ Access/Layer 2-4 QoS at Edge level (quality of Service) and security
  • 3. Large campus networks   ○ High availability redundant core structure
      ○ Building a – level of deployment and core connectivity with intelligent services. Speed limiting and security filtering at Access/Edge level
      ○ Building B – IP routing and improved smart services through multi-layer switches to provide the same functionality as building A

Network Management and Monitoring Solutions

Network Solutions – Wide Area Network (WAN)

Wide area network infrastructure solutions need to be responsive to the needs of growing businesses, and depending on these needs, security, accessibility and cost are of paramount importance. Security is one of the most important concerns of growing businesses because the information transmitted over the network is important. Therefore, networks need to be protected very well. On the other hand, the absence of networks out of Service is of great importance for the continuation of the work. This allows users to access the network and information at any time they need. With the broad range of network infrastructure solutions we offer, growing businesses can reduce network-related costs and gain investment protection. It is also open to future solutions such as mobility and IP communications. Advantages of Wide Area Network Solutions ;

  • ✓ Maximizing business flexibility
  • ✓ Reduced costs
  • ✓ Increased productivity
  • ✓ Work can be executed online
  • ✓ Manage increased network traffic
  • ✓ Ability to accommodate more network users (internal and external)
  • ✓ Reducing downtime for critical business applications
  • ✓ Accessibility and flexibility, growing enterprises can improve network fault tolerance, optimize bandwidth usage, and easily switch to unified voice, data, and video – networks.
  • ✓ Solutions such as mobility and IP communications can be easily added to networks created from fully integrated components based on standards.

Network Solutions – Structural Cabling

Cloud Bilişim produces brand independent solutions to meet the needs of its customers regarding structural cabling. Engineering, feasibility, consultancy services during the design of the project related to the requested services/ products.

In structural cabling projects Cat5e, Cat6, Cat7, multi mode and Single Mode F/O cables are offered. One of the important elements of data communication is undoubtedly the energy infrastructure. For this purpose, the design and design of the electricity and UPS infrastructure is carried out during the data infrastructure project.

Speed criteria for voice-image and data communication are determined according to the customer's demands. According to these demands, the most appropriate products are determined by making the customer's internal and external discoveries. Structural cabling processes include exploration, projecting, organization, testing and certification. We cooperate with the best manufacturers in the field of AMP, Legrand, Molex, Lucent, HCS in our cabling solutions, which are our solution partner and which have a performance guarantee of 15, 20 and 25 years, which varies according to the manufacturer.

Structural cabling systems are the longest part of the network system in which critical business applications work. The Network consists of two layers: one is the network layer and the other is the network layer. This is the most important cabling infrastructure of organizations, while 2% of total network investments, 80% of the network problems encountered at the basis of the wrong design and applied cabling systems have been detected.

Cloud Bilişim, with its expert staff's holistic view of network systems and experience, sets up structural cabling systems that can be used for years without any problems to its customers.

The three most important factors behind the success of the structural cabling systems we have established are;

  • ○ Correct Design and Project: the basic philosophy of structural cabling systems is to provide a structure that can be expanded from the beginning. Today, expansion and growth in companies are generally unpredictable. Or, even if it is foreseen, it is cost-effective to prepare the appropriate cabling infrastructure by envisaging a growth that will take place 5 years later. For these reasons, the most important is to prepare an infrastructure suitable for enlargements.
  • ○ Quality Workmanship: A second issue as important as the project is workmanship. Labor quality means the quality of the cabling infrastructure. Because if you use the best brands of cabling products, performance is wrong to expect if your workmanship is not good.
  • ○ Testing, Labeling and Documentation: All cables are tested and labelled with a Belli numbering system in our cabling projects. The project file is delivered to the system users by processing cable routes and sockets on the settlement plans. Project documentation is indispensable for expansion requirements or failure detection.
  • We guarantee the implementation of 15, 20 or 25 years depending on the product used in the structural cabling projects realized by US.

Structural cabling services are possible in the following headings;

Data Cabling

  • ○ Cable Channels
  • ○ UTP
  • ○ STP/FTP
  • ○ Fiber
  • ○ Coax
  • ○ Token
  • ○ Ring Twinax
  • ○ Data socket connection
  • ○ Patch panel connection
  • ○ 19" Rack wiring
  • ○ testing and labeling

Telephone Wiring

  • ○ Drawing the line
  • ○ Socket connection, krone connection
  • ○ Testing and labeling

Electrical Installation

  • ○ Electric power line
  • ○ UPS line
  • ○ The soil line
  • ○ socket, fuse installation

System Room Setup

  • ○ Upgraded flooring
  • ○ Gaseous fire extinguishing systems (FM200)
  • ○ Fire Prevention Systems (OxyReduct)

Network Solutions – Network Security

Whatever measures you take, these measures must be reviewed and renewed in the face of new technologies. Therefore, the security of your network depends on the “network security policy” you create, not on the devices or programs purchased. Our company provides consultancy services for the establishment of such policies.

Firewall Products

The connection of a network to the outside world is made via router devices. Therefore, the first point to take precautions against malicious attacks is those devices that make the connection with the outside world. Some devices include firewall facilities that provide network security. Our company is very experienced in the sales of router-based firewall devices and their configuration in line with customer needs.

Virtual Private Network (VPN) Çözümleri

The prevalence of internet use has changed our way of life as soon as we want it. Most of the methods we used earlier when doing business have now moved to the internet. Institutions have now abandoned the “closed circuit” network connections at national or international level and began to explore how they can evaluate the public internet, a more affordable carrier environment. Security is the only problem of communication over the internet, which has become inevitable for communication. Security is important in terms of the confidentiality of the transferred information and the lack of access of foreigners to the corporate environment. Today, this security is made possible through VPN (dial-up or continuous connections). Through VPN, the conversations between the two ends are encrypted over the public internet environment. Invpn (virtual private network) is created to enable users to securely run applications such as file and printer sharing, data access or access to the database or accounting records by creating a bridge between the central-office center-mobile user and the internet.With the virtual network service that is implemented by MPLS technology provided by ISP, you can communicate with all the units and branches of your company, even with your business partners, in the most convenient, economical and secure way. By exchanging data with all the computers on your Network at the same time, you also get rid of the communication costs you pay, and you run your company business faster and safer through MPLS-VPN. If you want to provide internet access to the center, you can share this with all users, including your geographic units and branches, so you can have more use and more economical internet access. Instead of paying an intercity telephone fee for remote locations connected to the centre, you meet your communications needs in a more economical way.

Virtual network through the ISP backbone:

The network, which is widely used throughout the country, is used to connect the central and branch offices. For this purpose, A Leased Line and virtual network connection is made between your branch in each region and the nearest pop point in that region. The connection of local networks to each other is secured using the appropriate data devices (modems ,routers) and IP tunnels. This allows other users on the internet to access your company network.This model is especially advantageous and economical in different cities where the terminals (branches) will be connected to VN. The leased data line is first drawn to each branch end that will be connected to VN. According to the number of ends that will take place in VN, the center is selected in VN. Accordingly, the capacity of the data line to be drawn to the center and the lines to be drawn to the branches are determined. for example, if we have a central point and two branches, and if we want a 64 K line capacity ,we will choose 2*64 K = 128 K, and this way we will apply for the line and transfer the circuit from Türk Telekom. After this structure is prepared, the company VN is ready by making installation and configuration with the appropriate devices. Since the ISP's pop is within the city, the cost will be reduced as the line rents to be paid to Turk Telekom will be charged in the city. If desired , by providing internet access to the center, you share this with all your users, including your branches, so that you have more use and more economical internet access.

What can be done with VPN?

  • ○ By combining your company's distant local networks on a secure and private network, your branches can reach the company headquarters and easily realize the workflow on this network.
  • ○ It is possible to make the company workflow web-based with a web server to be installed in a virtual private network within the company and realize the workflow economically, easily and quickly.
  • ○ It is possible for the users in the local and remote corporate offices to open an e-mail account and make the communication via e-mail.
  • ○ In addition to being able to make use of the information resources from a common point more quickly, the company's internal FTP server and the employees in the local and remote corporate offices can also access some programs via FTP server and install them on their computers.
  • ○ It is possible to use your database applications with in-house database servers on the same network by all your offices. With this opportunity, your applications such as ERP, SAP can be made available not locally but across the entire company. if desired, these applications can be run more easily and quickly by making them Web-based in a way that is still available throughout the company.
  • ○ VOIP (voice over IP) technique can be used to transmit audio/fax between the company's central and remote offices. With VoIP, it is possible to call your remote offices from the internal line and make phone/fax calls using your existing telephone exchanges via your data lines at no extra cost.
  • ○ Thus, your phone/fax costs can be transferred without any additional burden on your VN investment. With this opportunity, the expenses of your investments are reduced. for example, it is possible to call your Ankara office at the Istanbul office and pay a local fee for any telephone number in Istanbul. Of course, voice/fax transmission between the center and branches will be free of charge.

All of these functions have an important role in choosing VPN applications.

Virüs Protection

It's painful, but it's real. Computer viruses are now a part of life, and just like human health, taking precautions only comes to our mind after the virus is caught.Significant barriers to the operation of a computer virus business. It causes a loss of time and money. Even worse is information that can't be replaced. The virus can infect computers in a wide variety of ways. The most common of these are e-mail, which is now an indispensable part of our lives. The only way to prevent a virus is to take action against a life without e-mail.

Because new viruses are being produced over time, a very fast-working team must continually develop methods of prevention (vaccination) and improvement (medication) against new viruses.

Our company constantly markets various software and hardware products for virus protection and installs them. These products are updated under the terms of the subscription, and offer you measures against new viruses.

Corporate security solutions prepared by certified engineers are solutions specific to the structure of each institution. The services we provide with end-to-end security solution are; establishing, monitoring, identifying, reporting, taking precautions, and intervening on time.

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