Network Safety Services

As companies become dependent on IT infrastructures in all of their operations, attackers also refer to more mature methods. Naturally, institutions are looking for a solution to security weaknesses from the outside and the inside. Therefore, the security of your network depends on the “network security policy” you create, not on the devices or programs purchased. Our company provides consultancy services for the establishment of such policies.

Network security has become an important component for organizations to continue their own business today. As part-of-the-time solutions never provide complete security, it is imperative to approach the IT infrastructure extensively in order to secure communications networks. Therefore, the security provided by the communication network architecture is part of the total security solution. Total Security is only possible by providing the following security levels in line with the security policy of the institution established.

  • ✓ Network security
  • ✓ Security of system
  • ✓ User security
  • ✓ Application reliability
  • ✓ Application level security

In total security solution for any organization, there are generally three phases:

Security consultancy: Determining the security policy which covers the above levels by determining the security requirements of the institution and forming the outlines of the corporate security solution,

Integration: Integration of products that are part of solutions at the above mentioned levels in accordance with the security policy created,

Management and Operation: Ensuring continuous monitoring of security systems integrated in accordance with the security policy established, taking the necessary steps in the security policy according to the data obtained and keeping the security system operational.

Cloud Bilişim, offers fully equipped security products and applications to organizations with this approach.

Network Safety Services

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