Wordpress Web Design

The most important reason for choosing WordPress is freedom of movement. In addition to static pages, blogs, news, photo galleries, reviews, newsletters, interactive forms and many more features are supported. Open source is constantly improving itself every day, Wordpress is a platform that can be preferred by both content publishers and e-commerce owners.

Google Site Kit Wordpress Plugin

With four important Google products in a single domain on your Wordpress panel, Site Kit lets you easily manage and track your website's mass and revenue performance. Mariya Moeva, Product Manager at Google, says that in the first release of the plug-in, WordPress sites are now integrating four Google tools and products to help them grow, optimize, and make money. These tools:

  • Search Console: In Google search results, Wordpress contains data about how your site looks and how users reach your content.
  • Analytics: Includes data on how users navigate and navigate your Wordpress site.
  • Adsense: Allows you to keep track of your Adsense earnings regularly through your pages.
  • PageSpeed Insights: Includes performance problems and optimization suggestions for your Wordpress site, which is prepared using real world data.

Wordpress Web Design


» Impressive, Attractive and Creative Visual Design

Compatible, engaging and catchy, professional design compatible with all sectors.

» Dynamic, Manageable and Modern Infrastructure

Corporate company script is prepared in Wordpress infrastructure, if you have special requests, please contact us like html / css.

» Unlimited Color!

You can change the theme colors unlimitedly to match the company corporate colors.

» Full Responsive!

Responsive design compatible with mobile devices and tablets.

» Unlimited Multi-Language!

You can add and manage as many languages as you want from the advanced language management menu. In addition, by raising the bar a little more, it is automatically activated according to the browser language of your visitors.

» Dealers

List your company dealers' addresses, phone, email and google maps based on location.

» Branches

List location, phone, e-mail and google maps of your company branches based on location.

» Documents

Publish your company documents in image formats or in pdf.

» E-Catalog

You can add your company catalogs as pdf or external url.

» Special Management and Control Panel

You can easily manage and control all areas of your website from your easy and practical management panel.

» Product / Service Management

With the product and service management, you can easily add, edit and manage your products and services to your website.

» Product Category Management

You can categorize your product groups, add custom metadata and descriptions for each product category.

» Product Gallery

You can add an unlimited number of images to the product page for each of your products.

» Page Management

With page management, you can add, edit and manage your organization's introductory and informative pages.

» Blog

You can publish special articles and articles about your company and your organization.

» News and Announcements

You can make up-to-date news and announcements about your company, institution or organization.

» Header Background Images

You can load different and custom header background images for all pages.

» Advanced Slider

You can add visual transitions with photos in a large area on the homepage of your website.

» Photo gallery

You can upload photos about your company and your organization

» References

You can publish references from your company, institution or organization.

» Menu Management

You can edit the menu system at the top of your website from your management panel.

» 100% SEO Compatibility

Sef link structure + custom metadata for each page + automatic sitemap

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