Backup and Storage Solutions

In today's conditions, it is vital for many companies to archive, store and reuse data created in the computer environment, to ensure business continuity and to get quick access to information.

The fact that your business's corporate and commercial data is so important brings with it the need to periodically back up such data and store it in safer areas. The increasing use of internet and the growth of company locations cause more data storage areas to be needed.

Configuring the relevant drives and disks in data storage and backup, establishing the necessary infrastructure for accessing the data storage infrastructure of the systems, providing security and authorization definitions, providing additional consultations and consulting for the examination of the existing systems, making the necessary installations, updating the software, data backup and disaster prevention services such as the creation of infrastructures for a long time.

About Cloud Bilişim data backup and storage solutions;

  • ○ Dell
  • ○ HP
  • ○ QNAP
  • ○ Symantec Backup Exec
  • ○ Acronis

manufactures solutions.

Backup and Storage Solutions

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