Disaster Rescue Solutions

To ensure business continuity, data security needs to be maintained and maintained. For this reason, it is important to create disaster recovery solutions that provide continuous protection of data against any problem within the company. Disaster recovery is the back-up of central data in a common area and copying the backups to the in Disaster Recovery Center in. Disaster recovery solutions are created with the aim of eliminating disasters such as earthquake, flood, fire, natural disasters, person-based problems and civil riots in a short time and without any problem.

Disaster recovery solutions are considered as a process rather than a plan as it is a component of business continuity solutions.

Within the framework of a plan that includes the continuity of your business as Cloud Bilişim; We offer the most appropriate business continuity solutions including human, building, equipment, technology resources, business partners and suppliers. We provide business continuity and disaster recovery solutions both in the provision of backup equipment and in cloud or safe lotions with our strong technological know-how, long years of service experience and experienced staff.

Advantages of Disaster Recovery Solutions

  • ○ Business continuity is provided.
  • ○ The risk of data loss is eliminated.

Disaster Rescue Solutions

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