Data Center Design and Installation

As the social media services and new communication channels that steer our lives have moved to the internet, the centers (Datacenter), which host the web servers that these Internet services work in, have become more important. Area to serve as the center of efficiency; it should be large enough to design large corridors where web servers can easily position their productivity center equipment and technical personnel can work comfortably.

Considering the high cost of air conditioning, which is one of the two energy-consuming elements in a datacenter, heat insulation must be attached to floors, ceilings and walls. There should be no plumbing near the Datacenter area and should not be located on low floors in areas subject to flooding.

It should be designed according to the production of raised floor for easy cabling and air conditioning. Most of the dust flying in the air is electrically conductive. Due to its designs in many computer systems, it is seen that the dust is drawn into the system by means of cooling fans and the dust is covered over the system cards for a long time. These dust particles accumulated on the cards are also a factor in increasing the internal temperatures of the systems. In order to prevent smoke and dust from entering and to ensure safety, the datacenter should only have windows that can be used in emergency situations.

  • ○ Air conditioning
  • ○ Energy and Energy Infrastructure
  • ○ Network and Network Devices
  • ○ Network Operation Center (NOC)
  • ○ Security
  • ○ Redundancy

Data Center Design and Installation

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