Network Server and Installation Services

By providing all the network needs of your company on its own; We include systems such as Web Server, Mail Server, FTP Server in your organization and ensure that you are independent in the internet. In Cloud Informatics; Provides the following services within the scope of the consultancy service contract for Microsoft Windows Servers;

  • ✓ To make the right hardware and operating system choices by examining the server operating systems in accordance with the applications and performance needs,
  • ✓ Monitoring of server daily transaction records,
  • ✓ Ensuring the seamless operation of the servers,
  • ✓ Maintenance service to prevent problems,
  • ✓ Applications that will run on operating systems of server and user license management,
  • ✓ Use of IT systems or operating systems for users and management trainings,
  • ✓ -System rooms planning, installation and management
  • ✓ Planning and implementation of maintenance and support services,
  • ✓ Backup straegies planning, implementation,
  • ✓ Operation and management of the disaster and recovery plan,
  • ✓ Security planning and management, the Prevention of unauthorized use

  • ✓ DNS Server Setup
  • ✓ Network Logging Solutions
  • ✓ Network Monitoring Solutions
  • ✓ Central Management Solutions

Server Room Installation and Editing Services

  • ○ Cabinet installation and supply services
  • ○ CAT-5, CAT-6 CAT-7 Network Network Cabling Services
  • ○ Fiber-Optic Wiring and Point-to-Point Access Services
  • ○ Network Sockets Installation and Test Services
  • ○ Patch Panel, Switch Installation & Testing Services
  • ○ Wireless Network Installation and Distance Enhancement Solutions
  • ○ Pull channel and configuration services
  • ○ Projecting and workmanship
  • ○ Local Area Network (LAN) Systems Installation
  • ○ Installation of Wide Area Network (WAN) Systems
  • ○ Structured cabling
  • ○ Internet Security Systems (UTM Devices and Firewall Installation)
  • ○ Microsoft Products and Solutions
  • ○ TCP/IP Network Design
  • ○ Security Hardware and Software
  • ○ Wired, Wireless Network Printer Setup and Configuration

Network Server and Installation Services

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