Wireless Network Solutions

You can accelerate your workflow and overcome physical barriers by eliminating physical barriers, installation, management and ease of use.

Wireless networking products provide faster installation and availability than the cable, and meet your needs with efficiency and speed.

The Wireless Network technology is ideal for buildings such as University Campuses, Hospitals, Hotels, Fair Grounds, Airport and allows you to easily connect locations at long distances.

Advantages of Wireless Network

  • ✓ Eliminates cable cost and management problems.
  • ✓ You don't need to deal with physical problems.
  • ✓ With Encryption applications, your data is extremely secure.
  • ✓ You don't have to wait for days to get the system ready.
  • ✓ You do not need to replace your existing cable structure and units.


It is a flexible and profitable remote management service where organizations can benefit from high quality security services without investing in internal resources. Within the scope of this service; It provides the security of the internet connection at the level of network access with a centrally installed and managed firewall; we protect the confidentiality and integrity of the information.

Attack Detection / Prevention (Anti-Hacking)

The attacks on the Internet can also be stored in the allowed parts of the traffic. We use our Attack Prevention System to detect and prevent harmful elements in unwanted systems such as FTP, e-mail.

Optionally; We are able to protect the entire network, or only those servers that have a critical prevention, against any attacks and unauthorized access from the Internet.


AntiVIRUS / AntiSPAM Service is a service we offer to protect incoming e-mails from the Internet from viruses, Trojans, Worms and Spam. When only clean e-mails are delivered to your organization, all malicious e-mails are blocked on the Internet. In this way, secure e-mail communication is provided and unnecessary line usage, unnecessary disk usage is eliminated.

Secure Remote Access (VPNC)

We provide Secure Remote Access Service for users who have remote access to servers that are connected to the Internet and which are protected by Firewall. Users benefit from secure IP connectivity by establishing an IPSec tunnel over the Internet with the existing dial-up or leased line access to the device called Concentrator and using the existing Internet connections.

Wireless Network Solutions

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