Network Connection Services

The need of companies to use today's high speed communication technology is increasing day by day. Our specialist technicians offer optimal solutions with zero cost and maximum performance settings from scratch to network setup or update existing network.

High Performance Local and Wide Area Networks The network technologies and scales used by institutions are proportional to the size of the firm and the company. From the LAN (consisting of relatively small systems and communication environment) we ensure the successful installation of all sizes of networks, up to and including the WAN (which is the structure that connects all local networks, local area networks in various parts of the world or the world).

DSL, ISDN, Metro Ethernet Connectivity DSL: Broadband access technology that provides high-speed data transmission using the existing telephone line. ISDN: Voice is an international communication standard programmed to send images and data over normal telephone lines. MetroEthernet: The technology of achieving Internet access quality, such as metroethernet, is just like on the local network, providing the bandwidth and ease of use of Ethernet technology. We offer these three technologies to your service with our trained technicians in the most effective way according to the needs of the company.

○ Redundant connection setups in case of any failure in the system, without losing time and disrupting the functioning of the institution as quickly as possible from the backed up connection setups are restored to the system.

○ GPRS is a technology that shares the same line by multiple users, instead of a continuous connection over a single line that is allocated to the user, which is circuit switched, which is currently used in Mobile Communication Technology. In addition to the high speed, this technology that we are going to build successfully, the biggest advantage that your company has gained is that it is charged according to the amount of data exchanged.

Network Connection Services

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