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We can provide infrastructure support for Linux, an open source operating system. We can provide you with access to various Linux distributions for businesses. If you need a more personalized server operating system for your business, we'll combine you with the most convenient Linux distributions.

Linux Server Consulting

If you want your servers to be always connected to the Internet seamlessly, you should make sure that the server setup is done professionally in your business. With the Linux server consulting service we offer you, you can be assured that your company can offer 24/7 service on the internet.

  • ○ 24/7 server monitoring via software
  • ○ Automatically sending weekly reports to your email address
  • ○ Linux server maintenance
  • ○ Installation of the most appropriate software for your needs
  • ○ Optimizing server backup systems
  • ○ Presentation of server security solutions
  • ○ Migration from Windows to Linux
  • ○ Providing Linux VPN services
  • ○ Linux data recovery operations

We can install and maintain many Linux operating systems from Linux distributions including Ubuntu, Redhat, CentOS, Fedora, Debian, Redhat Enterprise, Mandrake Mandriva, Suse Novell and Gentoo.

High Traffic Web Hosting

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